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How to safely buy a ban on the Kraken

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Cryptocurrency has already firmly entered our lives, more and more people earn on investments in cryptocurrencies or simply keep money in this currency in order to lose savings. Accordingly, many have a bitcoin wallet, and if necessary, purchases on the KRAKEN exchange do not cause problems. Nevertheless, there are also those people who have never had cryptocurrency, they don’t know how to use, but you need to buy a ban. We tell you how to do it right in this situation.

How to fund your account with SBE or QIWI

If you do not have a crypt, this is not a problem, because on KRAKEN everyone can use the built-in functionality of the currency exchanger. All you need to do is go to the appropriate section of the site, then select the currency that you have, then you will be selected several options exchangers. Please note that all exchangers take a different commission, each has its own work experience and it is worth choosing something in between. You should not choose the cheapest or most expensive exchange option. Further on you will be asked to make a transfer using the specified details, and in response, the exchanger will make a transfer to your KRAKEN wallet. Usually the whole process takes no more than 15 minutes, the money comes quickly and you can go shopping.